Have you ever been in an antique store and noticed something old…a lamp or a fan…and thought “How beautiful; I’ll bet that would look great in my house.” Then you take a look at the cord and plug, and, even if it’s in perfect condition, wondered to yourself how anyone ever got up the courage to plug it in.

It’s amazing anyone living at the turn of the last century ever survived! Electricity, being the new wonder of the world, was touted as the curer of all ills, much as people will advertise for “DNA testing” or “detox kits” today. It was also an amazement to science and entertainment. Wondering what we mean? As a matter of fact, that’s the topic of today’s post. Keep reading to learn more!

Electricity Used to Be Used in Some Interesting Ways

Shocking everything dead: That can be taken two ways. They shocked dead things to see how electricity ran through the body and made body parts move. They also shocked everything until it was dead, and that application eventually lead to the invention of the electric chair.

Electric clothing: Electric corsets were invented in order to help women lose weight, stay regular, help with any and all internal problems including misaligned spines, and cure arthritis. How this was supposed to work, we don’t know (we only know that it didn’t work!)

For fun: When you think of what people were doing for fun in 1900, think about early Coney Island…before television, before radio, before movies that were longer than three minutes. Roller coasters were just being invented and people were putting themselves into all sorts of dangerous contraptions just to get away from the monotony of their lives.

So what did people do with electricity? They shocked themselves a lot! They would enjoy the “controlled” situations of local amusements and get shocked for fun. While we can’t condone electricity being used for this purpose, we have to admit…while you’re standing in line, it had to be fun watching everyone else get shocked!

How We Can Help

Here’s the good thing: we have a lot more control over electricity today than we’ve ever had before. We know its limits of what it can and can’t do. And the electrical technicians of Delta Electrical can keep you safe and your electricity running. With safety protocols in place and a number of electrical technicians on staff who know the ins and outs of what it takes to power your home or business safely, you can rely on us to handle any electrical project that you throw our way.

No project is too big or too small, so whether you’re here in Jackson or in the surrounding area, we’d love the opportunity to help.

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