Chances are that you don’t deal with electricians every day. In fact, until something goes wrong or you’re adding something to you house, you might not come in contact with an electrician in a professional capacity for years. So there are three things that Delta Electrical, INC wants you to know before you even call.

We’re going to follow code – Having worked as long as we have as an electrical technicians in Jackson, TN and beyond, we know what the codes are that will keep you safe. But we also make sure that your building will pass inspection so that the job only has to be done once (the first time).

We’re going to follow code – Wait, isn’t that the same heading as the previous one? Yep! We’ll also make sure any pre-existing electrical work is up-to-code so that, once again, you are kept safe. At the same time it’s important to fix anything that isn’t properly installed so that you’re not legally prevented from selling the structure in the future.

We’re going to follow code – Did we mention that we’ll follow code? The point here is that there’s no need in asking us to cut corners. It’s not ethical, it’s not safe, and it’s just bad business…we’d never risk our reputation by installing something that isn’t going to pass an inspector’s close eye.

Whether you’re looking for a residential electrician or need commercial electric work done in Jackson, TN, call Delta Electrical. We’ll get all of your electrical in the right order and up to code.