Being a small business owner in Tennessee isn’t easy. Whether you’re selling t-shirts or commercial electric services like us, running a business takes hard work, dedication, and more than a little financial smarts.

That’s why we encourage our commercial electric customers to make the switch to LED lighting. “Sure,” you may be thinking, “the commercial electrician is telling me that I need to upgrade my lighting. What a surprise!”

But this isn’t just about selling you our commercial electric services. Making the switch to LED lighting at your place of business is a smart decision that will reap you financial benefits for many years to come. We’ve helped dozens of businesses upgrade their interior and exterior lighting to incorporate more LEDs. Each one has been astounded by the return on investment they’ve earned from their decision. Why not be the next success story?

3 Reasons To Choose Energy-Efficient Commercial Lighting

Lower Operational Costs

Most businesses are open for at least 12 hours a day, sometimes 24! During those hours, lights are constantly on. Being able to see what you, your employees, and your customers are doing is a matter of safety and productivity for your business. But electricity costs money, as do the light fixtures themselves, along with the light bulbs. With LEDs, which have a dramatically longer lifespan than other types of lighting, you’ll be able to slash your daily lighting costs.

Reduce Your Maintenance Burden

Speaking of lighting fixtures, unless you’re a pretty darn good commercial electrician, you’re probably going to have to hire someone to figure out what’s wrong with that one that keeps flickering. And every time a fluorescent or incandescent light bulb blows out, you’ve got to spend money to replace it, taking time out of your busy day to climb up a ladder and wrestle with the fixture. With long-lasting, energy-efficient, cool-burning LEDs, it might be 10 years before you have to even think about replacing a bulb!

Add “Eco-Friendly” To Your Marketing

Lastly, with LED lighting, you’ll be able to boast that your business is taking steps to be more environmentally-friendly! You’d be surprised how many consumers right here in Tennessee make decisions about where they’ll shop and what they’ll buy based on the environmental-friendliness of the business. Don’t miss out on valuable revenue because you don’t have any eco-friendly initiatives to incorporate into your marketing efforts. By using less energy and creating less waste, LED bulbs are the green choice for modern businesses. And by green, we mean money-saving.

Our Commercial Electricians Can Guide Your Transition To LED Lighting

If you’re ready to move away from costly incandescent lighting to the efficient world of LED lighting, contact the commercial electrical team at Delta Electrical. We’ll walk you through all of your options and let you know exactly what it will cost to move your business into the modern age of lighting.

With our help, you can make a smart investment in LED lighting that will reap financial rewards for your company for years to come! Let us light the way to LEDs. Contact us now!