Electrical safety is one thing in your home or business you should never take for granted. Electrical accidents happen every year, causing hundreds of deaths. In fact, electrical hazards cause more than 300 deaths a year and 4,000 injuries. You can never be too careful around electricity, and anytime you need something done around your home or business, you should call your local electrician, such as Delta Electrical in Jackson, TN, to handle it. Someone who has been trained and has years of experience should be the only person handling electricity.

That being said, you use electricity every day both in and outside of your home, and it’s important that you understand how to act around your electrical appliances, outlets, and the like. In this blog post, we’ll review some important fall electrical safety tips for your home or business. Contact us today for all your electrical service needs!


Your Outdoor Space

  1. Electrical wires. Despite the trend for electrical wires to now be buried underground, you still have to watch out for overhead power lines, especially if you live near a transformer, or a utility box that transfers energy. When you are outdoors, monitor the growth of your tree each fall to see if branches need to be trimmed back, and when cleaning out your gutters, make sure you are aware of any power lines hanging overhead. Delta Electrical in Jackson warns that you can get electrocuted by a power line just by touching it.
  2. Check any outdoor electrical appliances that are plugged in. Many times we forget that some of our electrical appliances are plugged in, like an outdoor lamp, electric grill, or fireplace. Be sure to unplug them to both protect your electrical appliances and your home from the coming weather. Furthermore, Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends that you do your best to cover these items or move them indoors so they don’t get damaged from the snow, sleet, or other elements in the winter months.
  3. Monitor your extension cords. Many of us use extension cords around the holidays for all of our outdoor lighting needs, from lighting up the huge spider on our front lawn for Halloween to powering all of our Christmas lighting and decorations. Because these extension cords are often exposed to the elements and frequently spending their lifetime sitting in moisture, Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends you regularly inspect your extension cords. If you use extension cords extensively for all your outdoor lighting needs, you should buy outdoor extension cords that have a protective plastic coating (often polyurethane). If you are using a ton of lighting, invest in a surge protector as well since you’ll have a lot of electricity flowing through your tiny cord.


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