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Electricity both fascinates us and scares us at the same time. We are mesmerized by lightning storms, agreeing that it’s both one of the most beautiful things to witness in nature and one of the most powerful forces, especially when a forest fire is started. When electricity was first invented, people would stare at it for hours in wonder.

Today, we take electricity for granted, yet we are still fascinated by it, and at the same time, we are stumped by it. Most people don’t truly know much about how electricity is generated and brought to your home, business, or factory.

Delta Electrical in Jackson is the best commercial, residential, and industrial licensed electrician. We can help with new construction home wiring, rewiring your office building, or installing new LED lighting in your warehouse. For over ten years, we’ve been troubleshooting your electrical problems and bringing light to your world. Operating by honesty, professionalism, integrity, and fairness, we’re there when you need us. Below, we’ll answer some of the electrical questions we are frequently asked. Contact us today for the best electrical services!


What Does it Mean When My Lights Flicker?

We’ve all experienced flickering lights in our homes and/or office. Flickering lights are caused by a number of things.

  • Most of the time flickering lights have nothing to do with your electrical wiring, but instead is a faulty light bulb. Either the light bulbs are not screwed in all the way or there’s something wrong with the filament if it’s an incandescent light bulb. It may be time to replace the light bulb.
  • Other times a sudden power draw on your home’s electrical circuits may be the cause. For example, if you turn on the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, or space heater, your lights may flicker momentarily until the power surges back to 100% capacity. This is usually an indication that your home, office, or building is operating on 200 amp. You can call in your local commercial electrician to upgrade your home or office to 240V to prevent this problem.
  • A serious electrical hazard could be in the works if you notice your lights start flickering all at once. This can be a sign of power arcing. Power arcing occurs when currents jump between small gaps in your wires. This can generate heat, which then could lead to a fire. Call your local electrician, such as Delta Electrical in Jackson, if you suspect power arcing.

Why Do Breakers Trip?

The fundamental cause of breakers tripping is when too much electricity is flowing into your home or office space that could possibly overwhelm the system. This causes your circuit breaker to sever the electrical connection so that this scenario does not happen. The breaker is designed to trip in order to protect your home and electrical devices from damage from too much electricity.

What is a Short Circuit?

Short circuits also trip breakers, but they are different from overloaded circuits. Short circuits are when a hot wire within an electrical outlet comes into contact with a neutral wire. This allows a large amount of current to hit the circuit, heating it up. The breaker trips when it senses this, closing the circuit and cutting off the flow of electricity to prevent a fire or damage to the circuits. A short circuit usually leaves behind a burn smell and a brown or black mark on the afflicted circuit.


Delta Electrical cares about our customers’ electrical needs. When you partner with us in the Jackson area, we ensure your electrical outlets, circuits, and wiring are safe and effective. We can upgrade your residential electrical panel, help you wire a new addition to your commercial building, or install LED lighting in your industrial warehouse. Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured professional electrical technicians are experts at not only troubleshooting and fixing your electrical problems, but we are also able to service your minor electrical needs, such as installing your outdoor lighting or helping you wire a ceiling fan.

There is no limit to what Delta Electrical can do to help you with your electrical service needs. We are licensed throughout the south to help you with your electrical needs, even if you are afar. Contact us today to get started!