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Myths tend to have an element of truth but are otherwise false, incomplete, or misleading. If we tried to cite and quote the sources containing various home electrical myths, there would be no end of it. We’ve compiled just a few of the most common misconceptions for your entertainment and education. Wondering what will make the list? Keep reading to find out!

The Myths Revealed

1. Old wires can go bad in the wall. So can new wires if they are damaged. Wires in walls do not deteriorate much over time. Damage from rodents is quite rare compared to the problems that easily happen at the accessible electrical boxes that hold your receptacles, switches, lights, and connections.

2. Misconceptions about how GFCI functions. GFCI or ground fault interrupter function is misunderstood most frequently by common people – which is totally understandable. GFCI is designed to sensitize the circuit to trip for any type of ground faults. By doing this they can prevent people from being shocked. But people often consider GFCI as something that only trip when a person gets shocked. Another misconception that persists is that GFCI is supposed to trip off when overloading happens. The truth is it is not at all sensible to overloading but it is only sensible to electrical leaks of any kind.

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