electrical safety for kids delta electric jackson

One of the most important jobs of parents is teaching their kids about the world around them. From the infant stage on, kids need a lot of direction and a lot of teaching for many reasons, one of which is to remain safe.

When it comes to electrical hazards, there is a bit more urgency in teaching your kids about them because one mistake can lead to severe injury or even death. This is different than the common, every-day mistakes kids tend to make that don’t cause them physical harm.

Delta Electrical is a residential, industrial, and commercial electrician in Jackson. We serve the people of West Jackson and Northern Mississippi with the best electrical services not only so you can have light and electricity, but also so you can be safe while using electricity in your home or office. In this blog, we’ll offer up some tips on electrical safety for kids. Contact us today for all your emergency electrical needs!


Safeguard Outlets

Outlets are fascinating for little kids. For one thing, they are right at their eye level, and they stand out against the color of your walls. Babies and toddlers tend to want to stick objects into outlets, maybe in imitation of you when you plug in the vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, investing in childproofing outlet covers will give you peace of mind, knowing your child is safe from outlets not in use.

Water and Electricity Don’t Mix

Water with impurities (so all water except distilled) is a great conductor of electricity, which is why you can become electrocuted while swimming in a swimming pool and lighting strikes, or when you drop an electrical device into a bathtub. Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends always storing your electrical devices away when not in use, such as your hair dryer, electric toothbrush, radio, and more.

Stay Away from Power Lines

Modern housing and buildings are now being built with the power lines predominantly underground. However, there are still millions of miles of power lines both overhead and near the ground that can cause harm. Children need to be taught to stay away from power lines, power poles, and any electrical wiring they may come across lying on the ground. It’s never safe to touch any power line since it may be live, meaning electricity may be running through it, which can cause electrical shock or even worse. Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends that you always call your power company in the event of downed power lines or a local electrician, such as us, to inspect and handle the issue.

That being said, there are a whole host of safety tips when it comes to overhead electrical wires that Delta Electrical in Jackson would like to share with you:

  • Don’t fly kites near power lines
  • Don’t throw anything on top of power lines, like shoes for instance
  • Don’t climb utility poles, even if your kitty does
  • Don’t fly drones or airplanes near power lines
  • Don’t try to get into an electrical substation
  • Don’t touch power lines
  • Don’t hang signs on electric utility poles, even yard sale signs
  • Respect electricity in general. Just be aware of its power and give it a wide berth


Delta Electrical in Jackson has been serving our community with the best electrical services for over 20 years. From helping with new home construction, new office buildings, and new additions, to fixing your aging home’s electrical and helping with industrial projects, we can help. Delta Electrical brings professionalism, integrity, and fairness to all that we do. Call us today for your next electrical inspection service!