We’re living in a fear-based society. It gets some people to buy organic foods, BPA-free bottles, and new cars every year for the latest safety features. So why should you believe us when we say that hiring an electrical technician in Jackson, TN might be a matter of life and death?

Many of us think of ourselves as handywomen and handymen. Watch a video online, read the instructions, make it happen. And when you put in your own tile, you’re saving money. Excellent. Use some of that money you saved and hire an electrical technician when you need one. Because the tile isn’t going to kill you. Let’s look at a few worst case scenarios for your health when you compare “do-it-yourself electricity” to “do-it-yourself anything else.”

  • Worst case do-it-yourself grout work: Dry tired hands.

  • Worst case do-it-yourself electricity: Death


  • Worst case do-it-yourself room painting: Multi-colored tired hands

  • Worst case do-it-yourself electricity: Also death


  • Worst case do-it-yourself sprinkler installation: wet tired hands

  • Worst case do-it-yourself electricity: How are you doing sprinkler installation, aren’t you dead?


So mow your lawn and save on lawn maintenance. Swap out your garbage disposal, because it’s the easiest fixture you’ll ever replace. But when it comes to electricity, play it safe and have a professional electrical technician take care of it.