Okay, if you’re replacing a light fixture in your garage and you’ve done something like this before, you can stop reading…right? You don’t need an electrical technician in Jackson, TN for something so simple. I mean, you’ve turned off the power to the whole house, nothing could go wrong.


We knew a guy who was replacing a light in his basement. This was a pretty old house, 1920’s. So he turned off the switch, turned off the power to the whole house, and started working on it. Lucky for him he got suspicious and checked the power with a multimeter. It was still live. Now remember, he’d turned off the power to the entire house! Turns out that 90 years ago the basement was the first place in the house to have artificial light, even before the house had electricity. How?

Because the house had no electricity, a neighbor was nice enough to hook it up to the electricity from their house, via an underground wire. Houses changed hands a few times, people forgot about it, and for 90 years the adjacent house was providing the power to this one light!

Now, all this to say that electricity is an exact science that can be completely unpredictable! Even if you don’t live in an old house, you can’t always be sure that the contractor got everything absolutely right when he was wiring three new houses that day. So save your money when you do other home improvement projects, but when you need an electrical technician in Jackson, TN, give us a call.