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Admittedly, most homeowners and business owners do not know a lot about electricity. After all, you lead a busy life. You are running the kids to and fro, trying to cook dinner and do laundry, and finish your work presentation while petting your cat. If you are a business owner, your life can be even more chaotic, handling not only the day-to-day challenges, but also handling all of your home duties as well. You just don’t have the spare time to learn about electricity and how to wire your new master bathroom.

Delta Electrical offers residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services in Jackson and the surrounding areas. We bring our A-game to every appointment, ensuring your electrical problem is fixed or your new TVs in your restaurant are installed and working correctly. We care about our customers and want to ensure you are 100% happy with the electrical services we provide. Below, we’ll answer even more electrical questions we are asked. Contact us today for your next electrical need!


Why Aren’t My Outlets Working?

It can be extremely annoying when you go to plug in your computer or cell phone, and the outlet is not working. There are a few causes of outlets not working.

  • Most likely, your outlets aren’t working because a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) has been triggered. This is a special device invented to protect you from electrical shock. It breaks the circuit when it senses either the incoming or outgoing current is off in some way. It also protects outlets from overheating, fires, and fatal burns. They can also function as a ground fault. When it trips, the outlet won’t work. However, many have reset buttons on the outlet that are simple to press and get working again.
  • Your main circuit breaker could be tripped, which would shut down power to whatever rooms were wired to that particular device. Delta Electrical in Jackson notes this is simply resetting the circuit breaker in your electrical box.
  • GFCI outlets can be wired in series, meaning there’s one breaker for many outlets. For example, all of the bathrooms in your home can be wired to one outlet. Thus, if your bathroom outlet stops working, you may need to find the GFCI outlet and reset it. Your GFCI outlet can be identified by the two buttons on its face, one saying “test” and the other saying “reset.”
  • If all of these methods fail, you may need to call your local electrical technician to investigate a potential more serious problem.

Can You DIY Electrical Problems?

Due to the plethora of DIY shows on TV, many people think they can do anything a professional can do, including DIY electrical work. However, Delta Electrical in Jackson strongly recommends not DIYing your electrical problems, fixtures, or installation needs. Electricity is dangerous and kills hundreds of people every year. There is a lot of electricity flowing through your home or office at any given time, and you can get shocked, electrocuted, or end up starting a fire. Electricians have years of training in how to work with electricity. In this case, leave your electrical problems to the experts.


Delta Electrical specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial electrical installation, troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance. All of our electricians are certified, licensed, and insured. We serve the Jackson and surrounding areas. We install wiring, maintain circuit boards, repair electrical equipment, help install lighting and new appliances, and inspect old wiring for safety issues. Our commercial electricians are committed to honesty, professionalism, integrity, and fairness. Contact us today to get started!