We at Delta Electrical understand that it may be tempting to choose a company that has low prices, but it’s always important to check that the people you hire are qualified to do the job at hand and are prepared for any problems that could arise.

Make sure you hire electricians who are licensed.

Hiring an unlicensed tradesperson to do electrical work could cause serious property damage or personal injury. One of the biggest risks is an electrical fire, and many of these fires come from faulty wiring and electrical systems. The best way to know if an electrician is licensed is to contact your state’s Labor Department.

Hire electricians who are insured.

They should have two types of insurance: liability and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance will protect you if something happens to your property, such kicking as a hole in your ceiling as they work. Worker’s compensation will protect you if something happens to the electrician while working on your property.

Hire electricians who have bonding.

This is similar to insurance, but not the same. If an electrician fails to do what they promised, secured money would be given to you to make up for their failure. Other times it will cover things like theft if someone from the electrical company stole something from your property. Be sure to ask for proof of the bond and exactly what it covers.

All the project managers here at Delta Electrical hold current master electrical licenses. Delta is a bonded contractor with a limit of $2,500,000, and we are licensed in 18 states. Make the smart and safe investment for your electrical needs and call us today.