That darned flickering light! You’re trying to read a book, and unless it’s a horror novel, it’s probably destroying instead of enhancing the mood.

How much have you thought about it, and how much longer will you put up with it before you call a residential electrician in Jackson? But before you do, there are a few things you can try yourself.

  1. It might just be the light bulb. This would be the simplest thing to fix. Make sure the bulb is properly twisted in all the way. If it is, the light bulb might be going bad, or maybe it’s not the right wattage for your lamp. Check the lamp head for a sticker telling you the wattage of light bulb that it can accommodate. With LEDs and CFLs, make sure you’re using bulbs equivalent to what the lamp requests.
  2. If it’s a stand-alone lamp, take it to another plug that’s on a different circuit in your house (or even better, try it in a different building). If it continues to have problems, it’s probably the lamp or the bulb. If it doesn’t, that particular outlet or circuit might be your problem. (If you see a big spark when you unplug it or the panel is warm, call us right away.)
  3. If the flickering is occurring in all the lights in your house, talk to your neighbors. If they’re having the same problem, it could be the electric company’s fault and you’ll need to call them to see what’s going on.
  4. If you’re having trouble with a specific hard-wired light (like a chandelier or sconce), give a residential electrician like us a call. You probably have a short, and you don’t want it to get worse and cause a fire in the walls.

So there you go…you don’t always have to call an electrical contractor here in Jackson, TN, but when you do be sure to give us a call here at Delta Electrical.