Did you just buy a piece of commercial property and realize that you need to completely redo the electrical wiring within it? Have you recently purchased a restaurant from someone and want to revitalize its power-supply by upgrading its electrical components? Are you in the business of commercial-property flipping and need a company that provides reliable commercial electric in Jackson, TN?

Regardless of whether any or all of the previous questions are true or not for you, we have the intelligence, insight and experience required to perform electrical replacements, installations, repairs or upgrades on any type of commercial properties. With each and every one of our project managers having at least twenty years of experience in this particular industry, you’ll know you and your property are in more than good hands.

These are the types of places we have worked on and the type of work they have encompassed:

  • Restaurants: the complete dismantling of their electrical wiring and networks in order to achieve a complete renovation and installation of new wiring, boxes, components etc.
  • Retail Shops and Store Fronts: The complete integration of new wiring and new outlets in order to achieve a successful revitalization of their internal electrical network
  • Industrial Buildings: The rewiring of their existing electrical grid and complete replacement of their industrial-sized outlets, internal components and wiring

Whether it’s new construction or old construction, you’ll have our project managers at your beck and call, giving you everything you’ll need to make the decisions necessary for your project plans to be successful.

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