Are you remodeling your house? Changing the layout of a small home? It sounds like fun, until you start knocking down walls and realize, there are wires hiding everywhere. You can’t, and you shouldn’t just try and move them yourself, you need help! Anytime you are doing any type of home renovation you are going to need a medley of important people to help you. One of those people being an electrical contractor. Delta Electrical Inc. has electrical contractors that are able to troubleshoot and repair any wiring problems you face in your home.

What Does Your Home Need?

One of the most important tools our electrical contractors have in their tool belts is their ability to add outlets! What this means is that you never again have to wonder “if we take this wall out where are we going to plug everything in?” or “are we going to be able to survive with just one outlet in this room?” We’ve got your back. Our contractors know how many outlets are enough for a room and just where to put them so every room in your house is up to code.

Whether you prefer to take our advice on things or you have a specific request for where new outlets might need to go, we’re happy to work with you to help make your home the exact living space that you’ve always wanted it to be! We pride ourselves on high quality work every time, so don’t hesitate to put our skills to the test.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Another awesome service that our electrical contractors offer is panel upgrading. This is a must if you are renovating your house or building on an addition! More appliances, better appliances, bigger rooms, and bigger houses, NEED bigger panels. Delta Electrical Inc. will not only come to you and inspect your current panel, we will service it (if it is a satisfactory panel for your renovations) or we will help you decided what panel will be best for your modified home and upgrade the panel for you. It really is as simple as that.

At the end of the day, our goal is to help make your home a better place to live. Let us make your renovation easier. Contact us today!