When you’re in need of a residential electrician, turn to the team at Delta Electrical to help! Our team of professional certified electricians is here to make sure that no matter what type of job you have for us, we’ll handle it with a level of professionalism and customer service that’s unmatched by others in our industry.

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re always finding things that you’d like to change in your home. For some people, it’s as simple as finding a new piece of art to hang on the wall. For others, it’s a brand new sofa that better fits yours space so you can replace the one you’ve had for years. Others still may decide that they’d like the lighting in their homes to work a bit differently.

Are you in that last group of homeowners? Then you’re in luck! When you need a residential electrician to handle making some changes to your home’s lighting, look no further than Delta Electrical!

Here are a few of the electrical service we provide:

Installation of Recessed Lighting

Depending on the age of your home, you may not have any overhead lighting. If that’s the case, you’re lucky if one of your home’s switches controls an outlet, allowing you to plug in a floor lamp and turn it on and off with the flick of a switch. If not, chances are that you have filled you home with lamps and as soon as it gets dark, you have to make the rounds, turning each light on every time.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have recessed lighting installed? We can help!

New Light Fixtures

Perhaps your home is full of light fixtures, but their gold finish is starting to show its age. If that’s the case, we can help! With a vast selection of light fixtures to choose from these days, you’re sure to find something that better fits your home’s decor and our residential electricians can install new fixtures in a breeze, ensuring that your home looks the way you want it to.

Additional Outlets

Other people find themselves wishing for an extra outlet in the corner to accommodate their needs. Whether you’ve found the perfect location for your television, but don’t have an outlet nearby or you simply don’t like to run extension cords across the room (and let’s be honest, who likes that?), our team can work with you to make sure that your home has outlets in all of the right places, making your life, simpler, more convenient, and safer in the process.

Contact a Residential Electrician Today

No matter what type of electrical work you’d like done at your home, you can count on the pros at Delta Electrical to handle them quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you end up with the home of your dreams.

We know that getting your home just right can be a challenge, but if you’re up to the task, we can help. From changes in your lighting to the installation of emergency backup generators to service panel upgrades to ceiling fan replacements to anything else you can imagine, the team of residential electricians at Delta Electrical can help.

Whether you live in Jackson, TN or somewhere else, we’d be glad to provide you with the electrical services you need. As licensed electrical contractors, we’re able to do work all across the country, ensuring that no matter what location you’re in, we can help. Contact the team at Delta Electrical today to get a free estimate for your job.

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