Older buildings come with older wiring. In addition to being inconvenient, old wiring is dangerous and should be replaced at your earliest convenience. No one wants to lose their home to a fire, so it just makes sense to call in a pro to make sure that everything is up to code, keeping you safe in the process.

Here are five signs you should consult our electrical technicians at Delta Electrical:

  1. There’s a burning smell coming from the outlet: Old outlets are easily overloaded by modern appliances. They use more energy than the old wiring can keep up with. This causes the outlet to overheat and can result in a burning smell in the outlet.
  2. Blown fuses: If you’re frequently visiting the circuit box and flipping fuses back into place, it’s time to call your electrical technician. Proper wiring should be able to keep up with your regular usage.
  3. 2-prong outlets: Modern electrical sockets are 3 pronged. This third prong grounds the electrical current, minimizing the risk of overheating and electrocution when you use the outlet.
  4. Loose outlets: Over time, the metal blades inside an outlet that hold a plug in place can become loose.  These loose blades generate heat when a plug is inserted and can easily cause fires.
  5. Aluminum wiring: Modern wiring is made out of copper. It’s more durable and withstands higher temperatures without becoming a fire hazard. Old homes were typically wired with aluminum which corrodes easily and needs replacement far more frequently than copper wiring.

Keeping You Safe

If you have any concerns about your home’s wiring, call your Jackson electrical technicians at 713-256-7042 or contact us online. Whether you need a full home rewiring or want to install accent lighting in your kitchen, we’re here to help. In short, if you’re looking for a team of experts who know what it takes to help ensure that your home’s electrical work is going to keep you safe. We have plenty of experience, so regardless of the task, you can rest assured that we’ll be up to the job.

Our licensed technicians are dedicated to providing the best service at a fair price. Contact us today to get a quote.