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The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in our homes. As such, we care about how comfortable it is, the amenities it has, and, of course, the safety it offers. When it comes to electrical wiring, your bathroom needs special care due to the unique hazards that water can cause.

Delta Electrical in Jackson is your licensed electrician of choice. We offer residential, industrial, and commercial electrical services for all of your needs. Whether you need your bathroom rewired or you’re a builder who needs your new construction homes wired, we can help. Below, we’ll discuss some of the unique challenges of wiring bathroom. Contact us today for all your electrical services!



Without light, we can’t see, which is something you definitely don’t want in any room, let alone the bathroom of your home. Bathrooms should have plenty of light fixtures installed, especially since they tend to be rooms with little natural lighting. If you have a bathroom in the interior of your home without any natural light, you’ll need to add in extra lighting. Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends that you install great lighting over the bathtub or shower, by your mirror, and in your towel closet if you have one. Having a nightlight in this room is a great idea to see by for those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

That being said, you’ll need to ensure that you purchase lighting that has either a damp rating or a wet location rating. If your lighting fixture can potentially be hit by water, choose the later over the former. This is to prevent any inadvertent electrical shocks. The bathroom is a great place to add a touch of class in terms of lighting, such as wall sconces and the like. Be creative, but be safe!

Power Outlets

As most of you know, power outlets can be a source of electrical shock, and extra care should be taken for them in the bathroom. The most important thing you must know about power outlets in the bathroom is that you must install GFCI outlets, or ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets. This prevents electrical current from accidentally flowing outside the established circuit. Choose one that is wired for multiple locations so that it protects all of the outlets on the downstream of the same current. This is electrical speak for GFCI outlets. If you partner with your local electrician, Delta Electrical in Jackson, we can inspect your bathroom outlets to see which one you have and install the proper one if need be.

Ventilation Fans

The purpose of a bathroom ventilation fan is to rid your bathroom of odors and moisture. However, if you live in an older home, your home may not have ventilation fans. If so, you need to call a licensed electrician, Delta Electrical in Jackson, in order to have your ventilation fans properly wired. If you are looking to add in a heater in addition to your fan, you’ll definitely need expert help.

Bathroom Circuits

Bathroom circuitry can be confusing for those who have no background in electricity. Standard wiring for bathrooms include a 20-amp, GFCI-protected circuit and a 15-amp general lighting circuit to power the switches, light fixtures, and fans. If you add in extra amenities, such as a heating element in the ceiling or extra lighting, you’ll need a dedicated circuit for safety. The last thing you want is an overloaded circuit.


When it comes to your bathroom’s wiring, Delta Electrical in Jackson always recommends that you have your licensed electrician install any feature. Being shocked is a real danger, as hundreds of people die each year from accidental electrical shocks in the home, and thousands are injured. Saving some dollars to try to DIY your ventilation fan or bathroom lighting is just not worth the risk.

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