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The holidays are such a magical time of year. It’s a season of giving, of joy, and of being grateful for everything you have. It’s often the time when you see the best in humanity who helps those in need. It’s the time of year when you get what you’ve been wanting all year long, and you spend good, quality time with family.

Delta Electrical in Jackson loves the holidays as much as the next person. However, in the midst of all this hustle and bustle, electrical accidents can occur, leading to devastating fires that can ruin the joy of the holiday season. In this blog post, we’ll review more electrical safety tips to keep you and your family safe over the holidays. Contact us today for your next residential electrical service!


Watch Fluffy and Fido

We love our pets and often get them Christmas presents as well. However, your pets can find your tree exceedingly fascinating to the point they inadvertently cause an electrical hazard. Fluffy the cat can find your Christmas ornaments fun to play with. In addition, they can find your string of Christmas lights equally as fun, and they may even chew on them. Fido the dog may also decide to chew on your strand of Christmas lights and knock down your tree as well. Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends that you stay extra vigilant around your Christmas tree when you have pets in the home.

Pay Attention to What Your Christmas Lights Are Touching

Christmas lights themselves can get hot, especially if you leave them on all the time (which we do not recommend). We advise that you check to see what your Christmas lights may be touching that could cause a fire hazard. Such items include paper, carpet, other wires, and cloth. Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends that you ensure no ornaments that are made of cloth or paper are touching the lights on your tree.

Use the Appropriate Lights

This may seem intuitive, but every year electrical fires begin around the holiday season because someone did not use the appropriate lights in the correct environment. Delta Electrical in Jackson recommends that you use outdoor lights when decorating your home and yard and save the indoor lights for decorating your Christmas tree. Be sure to check the labeling when purchasing new lights.

Be Extra Vigilant With Live Trees

Every year, live Christmas trees catch on fire from Christmas lights. Delta Electrical cautions you to not only check your strand of Christmas lights for any signs of exposed wiring or other warnings of electrical attention needed, but also to ensure your tree does not dry out inside. A dry tree can catch fire a lot quicker than a wet, fresh tree whose branches and needles are kept moist by proper care. You care for your tree by ensuring it stays watered while it is indoors. If you are buying an artificial tree, ensure that it’s fire-resistant. While this doesn’t mean it won’t catch fire, it will just be less likely to catch fire based on the materials it is made from.


Delta Electrical in Jackson wants to ensure you have a happy and a safe holiday season. By offering up tips on electrical safety, we hope that we’ve given you some helpful reminders as we go into the holiday season.

If you are in need of residential electrical services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer electrical repair, service, maintenance, and diagnosis in order to ensure your home is safe from electrical hazards and that your electrical needs are met. Call us today for a free estimate!