Delta Electrical may not be able to hang your Christmas lights this holiday season but we can make sure you exterior lighting is working properly. Outdoor lighting is important for both safety and appearance, and when it comes to residential electric in Jackson TN, Delta Electrical knows how to get work done!

One great exterior service that we offer is security lighting. With security lighting you are able to be alerted via lights turning on when something comes onto your property. These motion detected lights are important for homes in less populated areas that are more susceptible to burglary.

Another exterior service we provide is accent lighting. A garage doesn’t look complete until there are lights around it whether they are fancy or not! Walkways are another big part of your house that looks better with lights. Not to mention it is much safer to have these areas lit for your night-time guests, or children coming home at curfew.

Delta Electrical can also install additional outlets to the exterior of your home. This allows you to plug in more outside, which can be beneficial when vacuuming a car, using extension cords, air compressors, or just plugging everyday items in.

It may not seem like much but these lights and outlets do make a huge difference. When you decide to make a lighting change in your home, make sure you call a professional, like the ones at Delta Electrical, because working with hot wire and electricity isn’t safe if you are not a pro.

Make the smart call and contact Delta Electrical today. We will give you the lighting you want for a price that you’ll love.