Here at Delta Electrical, we’re pretty passionate about lighting. It’s not hard to imagine that a residential electrician is constantly thinking about how the lights in any given place are functioning. Perhaps you’re the same way, considering how the natural light in your home interacts with the artificial light and how you can improve the feeling you get when you walk into your house with lights.

In today’s blog, we have a couple of different ideas for all of the homeowners out there who want to take the lighting in their homes to the next level. Perhaps you rent an apartment but have found yourself in a similar situation; not to worry, because a quick call to your landlord may be what it takes to find yourself living in the apartment of your dreams.

Living Rooms

Maybe your living room leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to natural light from windows. If that’s the case, opening the curtains in a nearby room can help, but it might take a bit of creative thinking to figure out how to make the light work for you.

Maybe your home doesn’t have an overhead light and instead you rely on lamps to light things up. If you’ve always dreamed of adding some overhead lights but have no idea where to start, then you’re in luck, because we can help! Regardless of whether you want a light in the center of the room with a ceiling fan attached or your preference is for several adjustable lights spaced out throughout the room, a residential electrician from Delta Electrical can handle it for you.


If your home is anything like the rest of the homes in America, there’s a good chance that you have to shield your eyes every time you walk into the bathroom. Sure, bright lights are helpful for getting ready in the morning, but a number of bathroom light fixtures are outdated at best and just plain ugly at worst.

Bathroom lights should be relaxing and inviting, not stressful. When your home’s bathroom is in need of a change in the light fixture department, we can help. No matter what your style is or how much light you need, we’re here to make sure everything works the way it should.


Does your kitchen have one of those huge fluorescent lights? When the light burns out, do you know how to replace it and what to replace it with? If your kitchen could use a change of pace when it comes to lighting, a residential electrician is the person to call.

After all, when you’re preparing a meal at the end of a long day, the lighting overhead can make a huge difference in the success of how that meal turns out.

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No matter what your lighting needs are in your home, a residential electrician from Delta Electrical is happy to help. Have an idea of what you need? Have no idea and need some help? Either way works for us. Contact us today!