In today’s blog, we take a look at a question we get on a fairly regular basis from new homeowners. Although there are a number of questions, especially from new homeowners, this one is at the very top of the list in terms of its frequency—

“I just purchased a new home. I had an inspection done, but should I have a residential electrician take a look at things?”

Unfortunately, like so many things in life, there isn’t one definitive answer. There are a number of factors involved that should be carefully considered. Luckily for you, we’re here to help.

A Few Things to Consider

What did your inspection report say?

Many inspections done these days are on a “visual” basis. What that means is that even though your inspector was probably able to provide you with some valuable insight into the electrical condition of your home, it was still likely to have been just a visual inspection where everything needed to be left in the condition it was found. If you have a good inspector, you were likely given advice on what could be left alone, what you may want to fix, and what you absolutely need to fix to be up to code.

How old is your home?

If you’re buying a home that’s several decades old, it might be a good idea to have a residential electrician give it a once over. There are a number of things that an electrician can catch that may have been overlooked in a quick inspection.

If your home is newer, it may still have issues that require attention, but it’s much more likely that everything will be up to code and no major problems will exist.

Either way, if you notice the smell of burning plastic, see an arc of electricity when the stove comes on, if your outlets shock you, or if you notice anything else that is out of the ordinary, it’s best to give your local residential electrician a call.

Similarly, if there have been some shortcuts taken on the wiring (a common practice, unfortunately), but it doesn’t pose a serious threat, you may still wish to have it taken care of. For example, in many states, double tapping in the electrical panel is considered acceptable, but it’s frowned upon. If it concerns you, have an electrician come in and perform the fix for your own peace of mind.

Did the seller provide you with receipts for fixes?

If you noticed that something was wrong with your home, you may have asked the seller do the repairs and provide you with a receipt. If he or she did just that (and if the work was done by a qualified local electrician that you trust), you are probably in the clear.

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