With the thousands of deaths from electrical-based work that happens each and every year, it’s no wonder why most people would rather hire an electrician than do it themselves. We think that this is perfectly sane and very practical. Most people that try and do their own electrical work in their homes are very hesitant, and rightly so! Our residential electrician in Jackson, TN, highly advises against this, as there are so many unseen dangers.

Electrical work is nothing to mess around with and you should take every precaution possible, such as:

  • Firstly, do not assume that whatever job you’re doing is simple and/or easy
  • Research what you’re doing, otherwise, it could lead to potential shocks, injuries and/or fires
  • Just replacing “crackled” or “popped” light bulbs could end up giving you a very nasty zap of electricity that can course through your body
  • If you are on a medication or have a heart condition, you shouldn’t try to do anything with electrical work
  • Trying to replace outlets that spark and that have done it several times before
  • Replacing outlets that have lost power and you can’t get an electronic read on them
  • Outlets that have had long years of abusive use by a high-powered appliance of some sort (dishwasher, microwave, fridge, washing machine etc)
  • Pay attention to the building codes that are set in your district, county, or state
  • Be weary of two-pronged outlets, as they have been known to blow up at times

Even though this is just barely touching on the surface of potential dangers, we think that this should do more than tell you about how hazardous this type of work is!