Though most electrical problems arise in old buildings that have tired electrical panels, newer buildings can still have problems due to faulty equipment or equipment that simply wasn’t properly installed to handle the load. It doesn’t matter if you own your home or a multi-million dollar business, we all need reliable power to move our day forward.

When you’re in need of a electrical technician, you don’t want to have to wait on them to get everything done, and get it done properly. So whether you have a home or a business, you’ve got a lot on the (electrical) line.

I Need A Residential Electrician Because…

There are so many reasons you need an residential electrician when something’s going on in your home. First of all, safety has to be addressed. It’s important to get that sparking plug taken care of so that it doesn’t start a fire or shock a toddler. And if the power to you home is constantly going out or tripping switches when it shouldn’t, how long until you lose power to your deep freeze and you’ve lost hundreds of dollars in food?

I Need A Commercial Electrician Because…: How many businesses can you think of that don’t require electricity? You might think of something like a landscaper, but even they are using their garage lights in order to make repairs to their mowers and weed eaters. Most businesses require reliable 24-hour electrical service to power back-up computer systems, security systems, and lights. And then there are our customers like Patrick O’Connor, our contact for Plasma Biological Services, who says “It’s nice knowing that if I am in need of electrical service, I don’t have to worry if the job will be done right the first time. Delta Electrical works in a way that is consistent with how WE do business.” When you’re in the blood business, proper refrigeration is paramount, so perpetual electricity is a must.

Electricity is important to everyone, individuals and business owners alike. Good thing there’s Delta Electrical to help you! Contact us at the first sign of trouble.

Leave It To The Pros at Delta Electrical

At Delta Eletrical, our goal is to make your home a safer place to live and your business a safer place for your employees to work. We pride ourselves on offering thorough, quality work at every step of the way. Regardless of the task at hand, we take safety seriously and with plenty of experience, you can rest assured that we’ll do what it takes to bring your space up to code.

We proudly do both residential and commercial work here in Tennessee and also in the surrounding area. Contact our team today!