When it comes to needing a residential electrician in Jackson, you might not always call us the very moment that something goes wrong with something electrical in the house. But we’d like to remind you that electricity isn’t something to be ignored, and that you should give a residential electrician a call at the first sign of trouble. DON’T use these excuses!

“I’m Busy” – We know you’re busy and that it can be hard to find time to schedule an electrical technician. After all, you probably work standard hours throughout the week and it can seem impossible to take a few hours off to meet our electrician at your home. Maybe you keep putting off getting that hall light at the top of the stairs fixed, or that outlet that you just don’t want to touch because you keep seeing sparks from it. But those are safety concerns you’ll want to address right away so that you don’t fall down the stairs at night or get seriously shocked. Take the time!

“I’m Thrifty” – Sure, we all like to save money. And if that’s your excuse, it’s possible that you think you’ll get around to fixing the problem yourself. Well, if you’re “busy” like we mentioned above, it might be weeks before you tackle that electrical issue in your house. And when you do, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of electrocution, or miswiring something that could lead to even bigger electrical problems.

Don’t put your electrical problems on the back burner any longer! Sometimes things can be delayed, and it’s okay to save money on others. But when it comes to hiring an electrical technician, the time to call is now. Give Delta Electrical a call today!