1. LED Lighting FAQ’s

    Have you been considering switching your home over to a more energy-efficient lighting option? At Delta Electrical in Jackson, we understand that this can be a big decision. But while energy-efficient lighting such as LEDs do come with a higher upfront cost, they can save you money in more ways than one for years to come.  LED bulbs have a longer life span, meaning you replace your bulbs much les…Read More

  2. Businesses Save Big With LED Lighting

    Being a small business owner in Tennessee isn’t easy. Whether you’re selling t-shirts or commercial electric services like us, running a business takes hard work, dedication, and more than a little financial smarts. That’s why we encourage our commercial electric customers to make the switch to LED lighting. “Sure,” you may be thinking, “the commercial electrician is telling me that I …Read More

  3. 4 Benefits Of Using A Dimmer Switch

    As a trusted residential electrician in the Jackson, Tennessee area, Delta Electrical Inc. has helped hundreds of customers improve the quality of their electrical systems. Sometimes this means checking up on a circuit breaker that’s making a funny noise, while other times it means helping upgrade a home to modern light fixtures. We always want our customers to know all their options when it com…Read More

  4. 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Building’s Interior Lighting

    You can't get much work done without lighting. As commercial electrical specialists in the Jackson, Tennessee area, we work with a variety of industries and organizations to make sure that their light fixtures not only provide an inviting work space, but to also increase security and attractiveness of their facility. Whether your facility is currently under construction or was built several decade…Read More