1. pioneering electricians delta electrical jackson

    Pioneering Electricians

    Being an electrician is an important job that many take for granted. If you think about your life today, it basically wouldn’t exist without an electrician. From the moment your alarm goes off, that is powered by electricity, to the moment you turn off the lights at night to go to bed, your world is powered by electricity. If you think about the goods and services you use every day, they wouldnâ…Read More

  2. why electricity dangerous delta electrical

    Why is Electricity Dangerous?

    We are told our entire lives that electricity is dangerous and that it can kill us. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what is it about electricity that can kill us? After all, there are lots of things in nature that don’t harm us, such as water and air. So why electricity? Delta Electrical is a commercial electrician in Jackson. We can help you with all of your electrical service needs, …Read More

  3. electrical safety for kids delta electric jackson

    Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

    One of the most important jobs of parents is teaching their kids about the world around them. From the infant stage on, kids need a lot of direction and a lot of teaching for many reasons, one of which is to remain safe. When it comes to electrical hazards, there is a bit more urgency in teaching your kids about them because one mistake can lead to severe injury or even death. This is different th…Read More

  4. electrical hazards at christmas delta electrical jackson

    Electrical Safety Tips for Christmas, Part 2

    The holidays are such a magical time of year. It’s a season of giving, of joy, and of being grateful for everything you have. It’s often the time when you see the best in humanity who helps those in need. It’s the time of year when you get what you’ve been wanting all year long, and you spend good, quality time with family. Delta Electrical in Jackson loves the holidays as much as the next…Read More

  5. kitchen electrical needs delta electrical jackson

    Common Kitchen Electrical Issues

    Many say that the kitchen is the heart of your home. After all, you cook nutritious meals here to feed your family, which gives them energy to do all of the activities they wish to do in this world. Kitchens are places to have coffee with friends and play board games at night. They are also places to work. Kitchens are also places of many appliances, which require special electrical outlet needs w…Read More

  6. different types of voltage delta electrical jackson

    A Look at the Different Types of Voltage

    Rarely does the average person think about electricity. You get up in the morning, you flip the light switch, you unplug your cell phone that was charging all night long, and you head out the door. When you get to work, the lights are on and so is your computer. You go to the fridge to retrieve your coffee creamer that is cold to add to your coffee, and you’re ready to begin your day. Most likel…Read More

  7. European voltage versus American Delta Electrical Jackson

    Why Does Europe Have a Different Voltage Than the United States?

    If you’ve ever lived in Europe or elsewhere, you may have noticed that you needed a voltage converter to power such things as your hair dryer if you brought one with you. Did you ever wonder why Europe has a different voltage than the United States? Delta Electrical is the best electrical contractor in Jackson. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services, so you can cont…Read More

  8. electrician

    History of Electricians

    Ben Franklin will forever be associated with electricity since he had the brilliant idea (although not-so-brilliant in the fact he could have died) for flying a kite in an electrical storm with a metal key attached. However, electricity is not something to be invented; it is a natural phenomenon that is merely harnessed by humans for our use, although we can generate it with tools such as hydropow…Read More

  9. electrician

    What Does an Electrician Do?

    Most of us have a vague idea about what electricians do; they work with electricity, fix electricity, and have something to do with power poles. This is true in a very broad sense. But what exactly does your local electrician do? Delta Electrical is the best local electrician in Jackson, serving residential and commercial customers, including industrial clients. We are licensed, bonded, and insure…Read More

  10. More Fall Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home or Business

    Delta Electrical in Jackson loves helping homeowners and business owners with all of their electrical needs, from installing wiring to light a new patio installed for outdoor dining to upgrading your home’s electrical panels. We offer the best electrical services at affordable prices with safety in mind at all times. In this blog post, we’ll continue our look at fall electrical safety tips. Co…Read More